Protecting the back bone of our economy

At any given minute, millions of hard working men and women bend their knees, take a deep breath, and then lift entire businesses up with their efforts. They shape metal, mine coal, assemble machines, construct our buildings and ship over 160 million packages across the country every single day. We think of these workers as the backbone of our economy. When they are injured, businesses are injured, families are injured, and the economy is injured.

No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood. That’s why we set out to protect America’s workforce and create the smartest safety device ever built.


Lifting Related Injuries

Lifting related injuries are the number one drivers of workers compensation costs in the US. Last year, US companies spent over $70bn on these injuries, and after the flu, back pain was the main cause of worker absenteeism. Most of these injuries are preventable. KINETIC makes smart wearable devices that can significantly reduce these costs, so we can keep your workforce moving.

Worker Feedback    


Sensors in the belt mounted device, coupled with our sophisticated algorithms, tell workers when they’re lifting well. And provide immediate feedback when they’re not. By keeping them aware of how they move, we keep them safe.

Safety Analytics


Our web-based dashboard provides managers with data about their workforce. Workers can be incentivized to stay safe and training can be tailored for those workers who need it most. We’re keeping your company productive and your workers safe.

Actionable Insights


Our software solution analyzes your worker data and provides actionable insights to reduce the risk of injury, including work place redesign recommendations. We help you save millions of dollars in worker’s comp.

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